July Breakfast Specials 

Lobster Scramble 15.00
Three eggs scrambled with lobster meat, green onions and
cream cheese. Served with a side of hollandaise, toast and home fries.

Creamsicle French Toast 8.50
Two slices of French bread stuffed with sweetened orange cream
Cheese topped with mandarin oranges and whipped cream

Pork Roll Benedict 13.00
An English muffin topped with American cheese, sliced pork roll, poached eggs and garnished with a Dijon hollandaise sauce.
Served with home fries.

Denver Casserole 11.00
Baked egg casserole with bacon, potatoes, onions, peppers and cheddar cheese. Served with toast

Pork Roll Sandwich 7.50
A toasted Kaiser roll filled with two eggs, American cheese and sliced pork roll. Served with home fries.


Lunch Specials

July 15th through July 20th

House Specialty: Crab Bisque Cup 4.50
Soup du jour: Roasted Tomato Bisque Cup 3.00
                          Chilled Peach Soup

Lobster Roll 15.00
House made lobster salad/ lettuce/ diced tomatoes/ buttered roll
chips and pickles

Pork Burger 10.00
Pork burger/ Swiss cheese/ bacon/ lettuce/ tomato/ dijonaisse
chips and pickles

Cheesesteak Wrap 9.00
Beef chip steak/ jalapeno mayo/ lettuce/ tomatoes/ jack cheese
chips and pickles

Chicken Fajita Salad 11.00
Mixed greens/ grilled onions/ grilled peppers/ chicken breast/ shredded cheddar/ tomatoes/ tortilla strips/ fajita ranch dressing

Swedish Meatballs 12.00
Served over egg noodles.
Served with a house salad.

Special Drink:
Prickly Pear Lemonade with a splash of Sprite© 3.00